How Much Does A Service Dog Cost???

If you think buying a dog from a pet store is already expensive, then you haven’t met this dog yet!

– A man in Mississippi Town donated $15K for the police to purchase a certain dog.
– The dog is a breed of a German shepherd.
– Aside from its fine breeding, the dog will also be undergoing extensive training.

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A very generous man, who is also a concerned citizen, decided to donate a huge amount of $15K to the police department. The purpose of his donation is solely for the police department to purchase a second dog that specializes in drug sniffing.

You read that right, a drug-sniffing dog is more or less worth that much. The donor simply wants the law enforcement in his town to have increased efficiency in fighting the war against drugs.

The donor is Edward Coale, and this is not his first time to do this act of generosity. This is, in fact, his second time. The first drug-sniffing dog was also thanks to his big help.

The chief of police, Ronnie Bowen, said that the first drug-sniffing canine was named after its donor, Coale. The second one’s name is yet to be determined once they have acquired it, and it is also expected to undergo the same training.

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