Are There Laws To Protect Service Dog Handlers??? 👍

Service dog handlers have tasks that can sometimes put their own lives in danger.

– A new law will soon be imposed to help protect the safety of service dog handlers.
– The said law will be true across the entire province of Nova Scotia.
– The Service Dog Act, the name of the new law, starts its implementation on June 27.

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A service dog handler needs to gain improved access to ensure that their safety is not compromised whenever they are on a mission against crime. Service dog handlers have hundreds, even thousands, of stories to share about how their brave dog saved them while on duty.

This is where the importance of service dog training comes in place. Service dogs need to be well-trained in order to do their tasks and responsibilities with as less failure and as accurate as possible.

Service dogs are not like any regular pet and have higher requirements to maintain their optimum health status. This is the pleading of the most dog service handler, which will also benefit them in the long run.

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