Golden Retriever Shows Affection For Neighbor 🐶

Senior dogs rarely get a new home and many of them have to wait forever at the shelter. However, this cute golden retriever named Cheddar is lucky to enjoy a great life.

He has a loving family and there’s a bonus too. He has a wonderful neighbor – a gentle old lady that the dog loves like crazy. The lady also reciprocates his love and agrees to babysit him when his parents are away.

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Cheddar loves to spend time with his neighbor and would want to go into the house every time he is having a walk. The lady has played an important role in helping the dog come out of his shell.

When Cheddar first came to the house, he was a terrified old soul. He never picked toys and refused to go out. With constant care and attention, he slowly became the loving dog he is today.

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