Senior Dog Waited In Shelter For 7 Years To Find A Home


The video has over 529,345 views!!! Pirate is a senior dog who has lived most of her life in the shelter.

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People come and go by, but no one asks for her. The biggest problem here is that Pirate is an older dog so people take it like more responsibility.

People want to adopt younger or middle-aged dogs who can possibly live longer. Pirate had almost given up hope but destiny had some surprises for her.

Jennifer and her husband are a dual military couple who moved to Hawaii. They wanted to adopt a dog Pirate instantly grabbed their attention.

They made up their mind to bring Pirate home to the disbelief of everyone at the shelter. Finally, the senior dog got the opportunity to live life in her own forever home.

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There were so many first times for Pirate. From sitting on the couch and playing in the yard to waiting for momma and sleeping in her own bed.

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