Dog Rescue – Is This Abandoned Dog Having His First Cookie?

dog rescue

It is always sad to see a neglected dog and if that dog is a senior, it is heartbreaking.😢


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It amazes me how can someone leave a dog to suffer after he becomes old. A dog gives you years of unconditional love and needs your attention when he ages.


This is the story of grandpa Stewart, a senior dog whose owner just put him in a pickup truck and discarded him at the animal rescue shelter. His family just threw away like trash.


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Even worse, Stewart had serious signs of abuse and neglect. He had a heavily matted coat and serious back injuries that made it difficult for him to walk.


The staff at the animal shelter shaved his hair to make him feel lighter and a tad more comfortable. When Rocky Kanaka saw a video of this grandpa dog, he immediately knew that he had to help.


He decided to set up a dog’s day out and pamper him with treats he has never tasted before.


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