Scared Dog Finally Comes Out Of Sheller After 2 Months

When Blossoms came to live with her Foster Dad she was a scared soul. Her body was always shivering out of fright and she did not know how to wag her tail. She was rescued from a hoarding situation and had a really sad past. She hid under the table to avoid making eye contact with anybody. She had never felt the grass under her feet before and even sunlight was new to her. It was sometimes frightening for her Dad because she didn’t want to drink water as well.

As days pass by, her foster siblings help her come out of her shell. Her body finally stops shivering and she starts wagging her tail normally. Her Dad says that was one of the best moments of his life. Blossoms now enjoy playing around with other foster dogs. She runs around, plays with toys and snuggles up with her Foster Dad on the couch.

Blossoms have finally learned what it feels like to be a dog. We hope she soon finds a forever home where she gets to spend the rest of her life in loving care. We want to urge you to please adopt dogs instead of buying them from breeders. There are so many neglected and abandoned dogs that need your help.

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