Saving A Dog Stuck Between A Steel Gate

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Some rescue stories are more touching than others. While some may be filled with a ton of emotions others aren’t just as complicated. This particular story is about a dog who was trapped between a gate. No one knows how long he’d been stuck there or how he got there in the first place, but it seems he was trying to get to the other side and thought his build was slim enough to fit in between the metal gate and the little space before the ground. The poor guy looked tired, hungry, dehydrated and desperately needed help. Luckily for him, help came. This story is short, swift and with an obvious happy ending.

This particular dog is indeed a happy one, despite his current affliction he was still very giddy and his tail was wagging in delight. He was tossing and turning trying to get out the position he got himself in but all to no avail. You could see his ears perch up at the sound of human feet. His rescuer saw the little guy stuck in a bad position and ran to his rescue. The dog was ecstatic, he would be put out of his misery. It took several trips back and forth before the rescuer realized that the dog had to come out from the north side of the steel gate. A few drags and adjustments and out he came.


There was a happy vibe from the dog as he wanted to hug his rescuer as appreciation. He looked parched and hungry so after a few hugs, his rescuer got him something to eat. You could see him very interested in the food as he kept going up to his rescuer’s hands seeking for more. When the quick meal which looked like an egg was fully consumed, the rescuer decided to play with the rescued a little bit before he had to go back to his owners. A few ticked, pats and hugs and the dog was already in love with his rescuer. Sadly, he had to leave. Once the rescuer places him down on the other side of the gate, he leaves. The dog is now free to go back to his home or live as a free pet.

Dogs are very special pets and if you happen to find one in need, do lend a hand or try to help. You may not get any physical reward but there’s a rewarding feeling that accompanies lending a hand and making something better. There are dozens of dogs in compromising positions all around the world. Some may be stuck in a well, a ditch or may just be neglected and hungry. In some states maltreating a dog is a punishable offense because of their sensitivity. Nevertheless, the dog in this story found help, hopefully, you too can offer help to any dog in need.


Here’s a link to the two-minute rescue video.


It’s a fine blend of happiness and contentment as the little dog is rescued from possible starvation.


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