Abandoned Dog Gets A Second Chance To Live

Every time I see a video about dog rescue, it fills my eyes with tears. It’s so amazing to see the real transition in the dogs, from a sad and lonely creature to a happy and jumping dog. Watch the lovely rescue video below and I bet you can’t leave until you see the end.

mike writes in the video comments:
great job ❤️ .. i love the beautiful ending 🐦

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This is a rescue video of a sad and lonely dog who was abandoned by his family. No one knows, how many days he went without food. The dog that was once the apple of his owner’s eye and the center of attention in a family was lying alone.

No matter what prompted the family to abandon the dog, I wish they realized this was not the right solution. Dogs cannot fend for themselves so at least they should have handed him to a shelter. Leaving a dog without any shelter or food is almost like ending his chances to survive.

However, this little boy got lucky and the rescuers saved him just in time. After getting proper soul healing and medical care, the dog was sent to a foster home. If you love this video, consider adopting rescue dogs from shelters because they need a forever home.

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