Sacrificed His Life-Touching K9 Funeral (Video)

K9 Funeral Pict: YT/KOCO 5 News

This Dog Funeral video has amazing 574,375 views!! What happened?

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Have you seen a dog cried in a funeral of his owner? Indeed, it is heartbreaking! You must watch the video on next page.

Some police officers have their police dogs. They train them to fight against the criminal and to serve the country.

They are not just co-workers, but they become best friends. Trainers do not only train their dogs to be brave and smart when dealing with criminals; but they also shower them with lots of love and care.

They share special moment together. Most of the time, they become inseparable.

However, what will you do when one day, you will bid goodbye to your dog?

This is like Kye, a very brave police dog. In the video, you will witness how the entire police team recognize his heroic act.

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However, you need to prepare some tissue, as this may bring you tears.

What happened to Kye? Watch video on next page 🐶😍📺🔥➡️ ( Tap Link Below )

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