Rottweiler Does Same Things He Did As A Puppy! Funny Video

The Video on next page got 309,867 views in just 10 days. Whats the reason? There are some things in life that better remain unchanged.

This Rottweiler has grown into a beautiful adult but he still loves doing the same things that he enjoyed doing as a puppy.

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Kudos to the owner who has created such a beautiful video full of everlasting memories! In the video, you can see the puppy standing outside the glass door slamming at it.

In the next clip, you can see the same puppy, now an adult dog slamming the door in the same way.

One of my favorites is where the owner pats his head and the puppy uses his hind legs to scratch his tummy.

The next clip shows that the adult Rottweiler still loves doing the same thing when he is patted. Another classic is the way the Rottweiler drinks water from the bowl.

That is one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time.

Watch “Rottweiler puppy vs all grown up. Old habits die hard” Video On Next Page 🐶😍📺🔥➡️   (Link Below)

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