🐶 What Role Did This Pupper Play In A Legal Hearing???

Aside from being man’s best friend, dogs now work as canine advocates in the courthouse.

-A few dogs in Jackson, MI are now helping the prosecutor’s office make a difference.
-Canine advocates have undergone special training to provide support to victims, especially kids.
-Dogs can soften the emotional trauma and make it easier to speak out in court.

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Some dogs in Jackson County, Michigan are working for the victim’s rights division in legal battles. These canine advocates provide emotional support when a victim (especially a child) has to testify about cases of assault, usually sexual assault.

One of these extraordinary pups, a 3-year-old yellow labrador named Abe, has already helped out in dozens of cases. Just last fall, he assisted in a case where a boy had to testify against his parents who severely abused him and his brother.

These traumatic experiences can be very hard to recount. Dogs, however, are particularly good at detecting and reducing anxiety and giving the victim a boost so they can continue.

Play breaks and bathroom breaks are a regular part of Abe’s routine though. After his day in court, he’s free to just relax at home with his family.

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Find out more about these legal angels here: https://www.wlns.com.

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