🐕 Can A Robot Dog Replace Your Dog??? 🐕

If you see a robotic dog, would you perhaps feel the same way for it as you would an ordinary dog?

– A few years ago, there was a robotic puppy that was released and claimed to act like a real puppy.
– The robotic pup is made of course from metal, nuts, and bolts.
– The manufacturer claimed that it can bark, fetch, and even chew like the real thing!

Important To Know 🔥➡️ 🍆🥕🍅 Did You Know That ONLY THESE Fruits And Veggies Are Allowed For Dogs?

If you watched several Hollywood movies that features a robotic dog, then you must have a slight idea of what an artificial intelligent dog looks and acts like. Although it may be written in bold letters that they “act” like an actual dog, they will never be the same as the real thing.

Far from the warm and happy creatures that we all know, robotic dogs may have the tendency of being far from the same when compared to the ones that we are so used to cuddling.

From the outside-in, the comparison is endless. The metallic finish of a robotic dog, of course, will be a dead giveaway when you look at the physical features, and there are many more!

Read Robert Chipkin’s full article here – https://www.masslive.com.

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