What A Retired Military Dog Did To A Tiny Kitten (Video)

Have you seen military dogs? They are doing a good job, and they have a great responsibility. Did you know that they spent most of their life fighting against crimes? They may even participate in war zones. Indeed, they are heroes! However, do they have the right to retire and enjoy life where they do not have to deal with the chaos in the country?

There are five retired military dogs, who are now using their nose to help the US police. They have stopped working in the military, but they are now part of the police officials in combating methamphetamine and other drugs. They are deployed to various departments. Indeed, these dogs never stop working and helping people. They are proud of what they are doing.

Is it worth the whole program?
“If you were to look at these dogs and watch them, when they come back, they’re ready to work,” said Mike Thomas, a Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s officer and board member for the Houston-based organization K9s4Cops, which is using a $25,000 grant from Westport Pharmaceuticals in St. Louis to acquire the dogs and train them to work with their new handlers.

“Even if they only work for two more years, if they go out there and they take a pound of heroin off the street or 10 kilos of cocaine off the street in Houston that would have made it to Chicago or New York, and maybe save somebody from a drug habit, or they find one bomb and save 10 lives, it’s worth the whole program.”


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