😍 K9 Officers – Where Do They Go AFTER Retiring?

A K-9 officer and his partner are more than each other’s best friend, they are each other’s life guard during especially during duty.

– Many, if not all, K-9 officers and their partners form a very special bond with each other.
– Both partner, the K-9 officer and the Police officer, tend to feel separation anxiety when they retire.
– With the new red tape policy, police officers can no longer visit or see their former K-9 officer partners after retirement.

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A police officer and his trusted K-9 partner were supposed to officially retire from duty, but what they did not know was that this will also be the end of their friendship.

It was supposed to be a regular farewell for Police Officer Val Kirwan and his K-9 officer partner Baro. They were both scheduled for retirement on Friday, and the initial plan was that Baro will go home with Kirwan for good.

However, the new red tape policy will not allow that to happen. Instead, it was the last time that they will both see each other because Baro is to be surrendered to an animal hospital for boarding. A place where Kirwan is not allowed to even visit him.

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