sewer 1

What do you visualize when you think about sewers? Dark? Dirty? Smelly? Or even muddy. All of this fits the script and we’re guessing you would be petrified if you ever got stuck in one. Well, this was indeed the case of a puppy who had been held captive by the foul hands of a sewer for not one, but two whole days. Yikes! This little fella howled continuously and he attracted locals who called the rescuers. He was too cold, afraid and exhausted to get out on his own, he needed help and luckily the rescuers gave him just that.


He’d been stuck there for two whole days. Without food nor water and most importantly with nothing to keep him warm. Fear was his companion and hunger, his twin. Knowing this, the rescuers hastened the mission in order to save the little guy. This was no easy mission. The roads had to be trekked and finally, it took a lot of climbing and maneuvering nature to get to where the sewer was. When the sewer was found, the rescuers resorted to digging in order to open the way through which the puppy could be accessed. It was dark, muddy, and dusty but the way was soon cleared, revealing a trembling little fella who was dripping with dirt and mud. He was so little and may not have been noticed as his mud filled fur blended with the sewer really well.




This puppy may have been stuck down there for even more than two days. The sewer was like a prison, keeping him from getting out, while sinking its dirty teeth all over his fur. When he was found, the rescuers grabbed him and he was immediately taken out of the environment and placed on a ledge. On this ledge, he could now be cleaned up properly. It took a lot of water and scrubbing to reveal his true fur, which wasn’t nearly dark by the way. After the long shower, he was dried with a warm towel and later with a blow dryer, just to speed things up. Now that he’s all cleaned up, the rescuers could commence the next phase of the rescue mission.


Before he was taken to the shelter, best believe the happy fella was fed with a delicious meal which he ate happily and kept wagging his tail when he was done. This particular puppy had seen starvation and darkness and was grateful for a second chance. He went from battling dehydration at a dirty sewer to running and playing in an open space once again. You could say this rescue mission was more than a success, it was victorious.


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