Rescuing A Dog From Hundreds Of Ticks


Dogs are really amazing creatures and it’s heartbreaking to watch them go through heightened levels of pain or discomfort. Now, some dogs need rescuing from abusive living conditions, some need rescuing from starvation and injury, while others as in the case of this adorable little puppy need help with the huge ticks all over her body.

As you know ticks attach themselves to the scalp or skin of a host where they feed, multiply and gradually (if not expunged) can create severe health complications for such hosts. This piece is a rescue story of a puppy who got rescued just in time. They were huge, round and looked well-fed like they had been there for a while… They were everywhere and attached themselves ferociously to the fur and skin of this helpless dog. These ticks spread out all over her body, gradually seeping her strength and happiness.

But that was about to change as the rescue team heard this scared puppy’s cry. While these ticks were everywhere, they were especially on her right ear. It looked like they formed a colony there and without these rescuers, they’d never have vacated. The golden puppy lay in wait as the rescuer put on his gloves and safety mask before digging into her problem areas. Rescuers need to be careful with these type of cases because the ticks had broken the dog’s skin so any harsh tug may be painful for the dog.

This scared dog must have been covered with hundreds of huge ticks and you could feel her quiver with each one that was removed from her skin. It was really heartbreaking to watch and removing them took a while. Tick after tick, seconds turned into minutes and minutes to hours. You can not only see the wounds left behind by these large ticks but you can equally feel the pain of the dog as each one is being removed.

A lot of dedication and genuine care for the dog by her rescuer as he took his time removing each tick as carefully and as efficiently as he could. Towards the end, one could see the removed and isolated ticks in a little container still alive and kicking, these little creatures are very resilient in their attack and one doesn’t get rid of them easily. After each section has been cleared, the rescuer cleans the wounds with an ointment and moves to another section. There are loads of more ticks yet to be removed from diverse regions of the dog including her face, back, arms, belly, and legs. It’s going to take an ample an out of time before the rescuer is done, but the dog is holding on just fine.

This ten-minute video is filled with genuine care, pain, love, and triumph over adversity. Luckily we can say the dog was indeed rescued from the things that once plagued her, and we’d like to believe she’s happy and all better now.



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