Man Rescues Dog… Turns Out To Be A COYOTE? 😮

Man Rescues Dog... Turns Out To Be A COYOTE?

A concerned resident saw a small puppy along the busy road, and kind-heartedly brought it to the police station for rescuing.

– There are many instances that have been reported of different baby animals, mistaken for a puppy.
– In Bartlett, Illinois, a man rescued a “puppy” off the street, only to find out it was a coyote!
– The police now have the small coyote in custody and will turn it over to the proper authorities.

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We’re not experts in animal identification, and many regular citizens are prone to mistakenly identify any tailed, big-eared, four-legged, furry creature to be a puppy.

You might have read of the family in China who caged and raise a bear for two years, thinking all the while that it’s a puppy.

There’s also the man who wrongly identified a fox for a puppy.

So this is pretty much a common mistake, probably.
The Illinois police were taken away by the cuteness of the small coyote in their custody that they had to take a picture of it and post it in their official Twitter account.

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