How Dog Do Rescuers Deal With Dog Breeders??? 🐕🐶

How Dog Do Rescuers Deal With Dog Breeders

There are many ways to deal with your sworn enemy. It doesn’t always have to be a brutal way, and it doesn’t have to end badly for either side.

– Dog advocates have always been against dog breeders.
– Dog breeders who breed solely for business with no care for the dog they are handling are the worse kind of breeders.
– With the huge donations that dog rescuers gathered, they used it to save the dogs from the hands of cruel dog breeders.

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Buying animals from dog breeders are not really an ideal thing for dog advocates, but if that’s the only way then they will probably do it just for the sake of rescuing the dogs.

Commercial dog breeders are not the most ideal source of dogs because these breeders usually breed dogs by force and there’s a thin line between breeding and abuse. Most of the time, they don’t care about the dog’s health, just as long as the dog procreates.

A group of dog rescuers was left with no choice but to buy out dogs being sold by breeders, just to make sure that they are taken out of the wrong hands.

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