Rescued Dog Will Make You Cry! – Video


Life is a great teacher and sometimes videos like these teach us the real meaning of compassion. After you watch the video below, you will know what I mean. Dogs depend on human beings for their survival and luckily there are some angels who rescue abandoned dogs and give them a new life. In this video, you can see a rescuer trying to save a scared and starved dog.

The dog looks so weak and miserable that it can put tears in your eyes. Apparently, the dog had a bad past and so she does not have trust in human beings. The rescuer keeps his patience and works slowly to regain her trust. He uses a blanket to shield his hand and slowly pats the face and back of the poor little dog.

The poor dog fights back aggressively for quite some time but she finally gives in to love and care. Watch the video until the end to see the beautiful transformation of the puppy. From a scared and weak puppy, she becomes a happy and cheerful dog. In the last clip, you can almost see tears in her eyes. Maybe she is feeling grateful for the new life the rescuers have given her.

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