Rescue Puppy With 3 Legs Finally Gets To Live Like A Puppy

Incredible, the video on next page received within 2 days over 80’000 views!! This Pit Bull has spent his early years in the drug house and he was badly abused.

As a result, the poor dog has never known love. When he is brought to the shelter, everything is a new experience for him.

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He is even scared by the sound of dry leaves and does not know how to play with a toy. In his foster home, the dog named Brandi finally opens up to the idea of love. He learns what fun it is to run around and play with a squeaky toy all day.

Brandi has really long ears that he loves to flap when he’s happy. When he goes out for a walk, people stop by and give him a rub.

This is the kind of love he has missed for years and now he is having all that he can take.

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