Dogs are highly sensitive creatures and when they are in pain, they show this by wailing. It’s very heartbreaking to watch this particular dog cry for help along the cold roads of St. Louis. There he was, shivering, alone and in pain, crying out to anyone who cared enough to listen. A concerned woman had noticed this and immediately alerted the Stray Rescue team who went in search of the stray dog. And just where she aid he was, they had found him. He was very wide-eyed and obviously exhausted from all the wailing he did. He wasted no time in following the rescuer who kept reassuring him with polite words. He was happy to be rescued.


Weezer is safe

The rescuers named him Weezer and took him to get the help he desperately needed. Weezer was calm through the whole process but he had no idea he’d soon be receiving his first bed. He even let a veterinarian come up and give him a much needed kiss on his nose, talk about love at first sight. Weezer stayed a happy dog even during examinations by the vet. This examination highlighted Weezer’s troubled past as when he was found, he had no collar, tag or microchip on him. However, what was found was a deep wound spreading wide under his arm. Another reason he had been wailing so loud. After he got cleaned up, he rested in his little bed just as the rescuers went ahead to arrange a foster home for little Weezer.




Weezer is in a better place today. His new foster home will nurture him with love and affection while trying to help him recover from such a troubled past. Weezer was indeed one of the lucky ones. He is now learning what it means to be part of a family, surrounded by warm blankets and hugs. Weezer is safe now, he will never be cold again. He needs time to recover fully and that’s okay. Once his recovery is complete, he will be up for adoption and ready to begin another phase in his life, in a cozy home, warm bed and loving family. He’ll be happy thereof, never left to fend for himself on the cold snowy streets of St. Louis ever again.



Just like a lot of dogs, Weezer had been abandoned. He was found shivering, scared and exhausted, but you can admit that Weezer is indeed lucky to be rescued. Who knows what would have happened to him if he wasn’t found? Well, luckily we don’t have to think about that anymore. Weezer has gone from unwanted to cherished and this is what needs to be done with other strays. To get them to a better place.


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