Rescue Greyhound Break’s A Leg Look How It Changed His Life

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This huge Greyhound named Blue was used as a racing dog but he broke his leg and had to retire.
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Dogs in the industry usually don’t have a great life if they are not able to work anymore. However, this Greyhound is kind of lucky and breaking his leg turned out to be the best thing in his life.

Why? Well, he was adopted by a loving family where he gets to be a dog again and enjoy the little pleasures of life.

According to the owner, Blue was not used to a family life and he almost froze when she first took him out for a walk.

However, he improved soon with love and constant care. He is now a loving big dog who knows how to get the things he loves.

If he wants to go outside, he will just stand in front of the door and make his signature sound.

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