Rescue Dog Refuses To Leave Her Hidings Until This Happens

Blossom is a beautiful 3 years old rescue dog. She has a troubled past which has made her afraid of everything.

Although she has been in her foster home for several days now, she is too scared to interact with humans.

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She hides in a spot under the table and refuses to come out of there until her foster Dad tries something special.

He decides to transform the space to make it look good and welcoming.

They set up a nice little tent with a comfortable dog bed in that corner. It is decorated with yellow flowers and there’s a picture of hers hanging on the wall.

Her hiding spot is completely transformed to make it look warm, beautiful, and welcoming.

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The biggest challenge now was to see how Blossoms will react to it. As expected, she loved the newly renovated place as she quietly lies down inside the tent without looking terrified any more.

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