Dogs are very smart creatures and their senses are always alert. They know when one is in danger, troubled of just feeling blue. Ever been cuddled by your dog? It probably saw you feeling blue and wanted you to feel better. However, dogs aren’t only about changing moods, they are great rescue animals. They have the senses (sight and smell) to carry out this job effectively and the best part is that you don’t have to pay them, not with money anyways, but with love, care and attention. Rescue dogs are very good with their responsibility and depending on the scenario, they can maneuver a way to rescue another animal or even a whole person. This is why they are highly sought for in the force. This piece is about a rescue dog, who rescued another person from freezing to death.




Before we begin, let’s do a little bit of pop quiz shall we?  Great. Now, what are the chances of getting rescued by a dog that was once in your position, not high right. Well this was the case of a person who was stuck in a snow cave and had problem of getting out. One can only imagine what was going through his mind. He probably thought he was going to starve or freeze to death, the former being his best case scenario. But this rescue dog wasn’t about to let that be his fate. You can say they were fated, that seems just right. After all, it’s not every day that a man’s life gets saved by an animal. The few times it does happen, it deserves all the accolades. Dogs are known to be really sensitive creatures and they even consider humans as one of their relatives, hence justifying the care and affection they shower. Nevertheless, this particular rescue dog was not playing around, he meant to rescue.



There he was, burrowing through the snow, trying to get to the other side. His nose and paws doing all the work. He fought with the snow steadily till it cracked open. Then he could later on use his head to push the snow further. He was definitely a driven fella, barking and scratching the snow till he could get across. It took a lot of work from his little paws but once he got it open, you could see the joy on his face as he met the rescued. It was really beautiful to watch, and you can watch it too.


This beautiful rescue dog carried out his job beautifully and no one was left hurt. He scratched, dug and pushed till he accomplished his mission. Then came the joy afterwards, it was just priceless.


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