We know that dogs are technically partially “wild” by nature, and some owners want to enhance this by feeding them raw food to allow them a sense of praetorship.


– Many dog owners feed their dog raw chicken because for them it might give more nutritional benefits.
– Studies are linking the ingestion of raw chicken with paralysis in dogs.
– Experts are advising pet owners NOT to feed raw chicken until further studies will reveal more information.


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Paralysis in dogs are currently linked and believed to be caused by feeding them raw chicken. Uncooked chicken is a very dangerous meal since it can contain so many microorganisms that can damage their health.

The most common raw chicken that is fed to dogs is the chicken neck. This is a favorite “treat” for most dog owners because they know that it tastes delicious for our pets.

Although the study is still currently ongoing, tentative results are very suggestive linking the consumption of ras chicken with doing paralysis.

Read Dr. Nerissa Hannink’s full article here – https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au.


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