🐕 Would You Pick A Pure Breed Dog Over A Mixed Breed? 😮

Real dog lovers know that it’s not really the breed that matters, when choosing for a dog to care for.

– Experts are giving their opinions on why dog owners should refrain from buying purebred dogs.
– What is then the most ideal type of dog, if you are to acquire one?
– Find out what experts think and why.

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There’s a huge problem and it keeps growing, here in the United States, the number of dogs keep ballooning and it’s not defusing anytime soon. As more and more Americans are getting obsessed with dogs, this is the reason why dog breeders are also encouraged to keep breeding dogs for the purpose of selling them.

Majority of these dog lovers are just in love with purebred dogs, because the blood lines are pure. Commercial puppy breeders would make it a point to produce as many purebred puppies as possible, no matter what the cost and no matter what the condition for the canine.

Usually, this results to lesser care given to the dogs, and especially to the puppies. Prior to being sold, these puppies are not given enough nutrition and care. But the dog breeders are only concerned about the business and the income generation.

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