Changes Owner Needs to Do When Puppy Becomes A Dog?

A heartwarming story about a puppy that is now a full-grown adult dog, is shared by a writer online.

– Being a pet parent is not all good and all sunshine, there are downsides too!
– Downsides are not when your dog is behaving badly.
– Perhaps the most down it could get is when your puppy ages to an adult dog, and you know that time is ticking fast for them.

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A writer shares his loving journey with his beloved dog, Beau.

It is actually more of a series now since their story have been shared since Beau was only a small puppy.

Currently, the latest writing shared by Beau’s owner has indicated that the canine is no longer a small and helpless puppy, and has now turned into the most helpful and adorable adult dog.

The process of such milestone is never easy for any owner. When a pet dog ages, it can’t be denied that the owner may feel a bittersweet moment, knowing their dog is growing and becoming healthier and healthier; at the same time, that the dog is aging, and will eventually leave them as a dog’s clock ticks faster than human’s.

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