Rescued From Meat Farm Plays With A Toy! Will Melt Your Heart

The video on next page has already 321,742 views!! Puppies are meant to be loved, cuddled and showered with affection.However, Snowball was not so lucky.

He was born in a country where puppies are not loved; they are slaughtered for meat. Yes, he was in a dog farm in South Korea and was lucky to be saved with 22 other dogs by the Humane Society.

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We know it sounds cruel but that’s the naked truth of that part of the world.

In South Korea, dogs are bred and sometimes they are even stolen and traded for meat. They are mercilessly slaughtered in the farms and their meat is used for preparing delicacies served in high-end restaurants.

Yes, we know that is gruesome and that was exactly what Snowball was destined for as well.

However, fate took a turn and he is now safe in the shelter. Watch the video below that shows him play with a toy in the shelter and we bet this will make your heart melt.

Watch the video how a shelter dog plays for the first time with a toy on next page ❤🐾📺🔥➡

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