Neglected Puppy Has Only One Friend – A Teddy Bear

This is probably one of the most heartbreaking scenes you will ever witness! Prepare your hearts!

– Remember you felt lonely, and you just want to cuddle something to help you feel better?
– The puppy was named Penfold, and he and his siblings and mother were abandoned.
– This abandoned puppy had nothing to cuddle, BUT a teddy bear.

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Only a heartless owner would abandon a nursing dog, with her puppies, on the streets, left to starve and suffer on the wet and cold environment.

This is exactly what happened to a puppy whose image has been circulating the social media recently. The puppy, Penfold, was photographed cuddling on to a teddy bear, as he was left in the street. Soaking and starving, Penfold and his siblings caught the attention and sympathy of many citizens online.

The owner is not currently on a hot seat, as many people want to give justice to the fate that was given to the poor dogs.

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