Dog Injured – She looked up into my eyes, like to say, “Do something”.

Just imagine when you are an elder person and you walk with your dog in a park. You just think that it is an ordinary day.


You have back problems, which is why you think it is a good thing to exercise with your dog. However, along the way, a bigger dog comes and ready to attack your dog.


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Your dog was afraid and wanted to fight, but it is impossible. He looked into your eyes. Perhaps, he wanted you to help him and do something to protect him.


What can you do? You are an old man with health problems. Where could you possibly look for help?


What will you do at the moment? This is the story of Reeves and Angel, the dog that was being attacked by a big Rottweiler dog.


What happened to them?


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A 73 year-old Reeves was walking with her dog, Angel. However, a Rottweiler loose that caused Angel to panic.


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