A Farmer Forced Puppies To Live In Disgraceful Rabbit Hutches

⛔ Puppy Farmer Forced Sweet Puppies To Live In Disgraceful Rabbit Hutches - Banned?

If you ever wonder where your purchased pets were bred, born, and raised; hope that they did not come from one of these cruel animal farms.

– A puppy farmer from Bexley was investigated due to suspected animal abuse.
– Tagged as a “cruel puppy farmer”, Janet Oxlade, is the owner of the “disgraceful” pet farm.
– When the police came inside the property, they did not expect to find what they saw inside!

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67-year-old Janet Oxlade, was found guilty of animal abuse when her animal farm was raided and found to have the most awful state for breeding and raising animals.

The police reported that there were dogs and cats the were all covered in mud and manure, the temperature of the entire farm was extremely cold (almost freezing), and the cages were too small (in fact, rabbit cages were used to house the animals).

These conditions of the animals inside her farm, led to the arrest and hearing of the “cruel” animal breeder Oxlade.

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Read Zoie O’brien’s full report here – http://www.dailymail.co.uk.

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