Puppy Was Stolen From Car Reunited With Her Loving Family


When a puppy goes missing, many owners would offer rewards just to ensure the return of their pet!

– A puppy was brutally stolen right from its owner’s car.
– Goldy, an 11-week-old mini labradoodle, was reportedly abducted by an unidentified thief.
– According to Goldy’s owners, the puppy was taken forcibly and it all happened very fast.

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When Goldy was abducted right from her owner’s vehicle, forcibly and traumatically, her owners were desperate to find her. Knowing that the abductor gave no care for their pet dog’s condition, they wanted to find the thief right away and rescue the puppy from the hands of a harmful man.

The only thing that stopped Goldy’s owners from rescuing her immediately, was that the abductor remained unidentified since the day of the crime.

So Goldy’s owners took their plead and asked for help from people all over the internet. They presented the very few details that they had, and they spread pictures of Goldy to seek for anyone who might have seen the dog in their area.

True enough, the puppy was eventually found and rescued thanks to the relentless efforts of her owners.

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Read Anthony Brousseau’s full report here – https://kstp.com/news.

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