😮 Cute Puppy Born With Two Noses -How Does It Looks Like? 😮

Do you remember Disney’s adorable character Pua the pig? This dog got its name from that character, for a very good reason!

– An adorable border collie puppy was born with TWO NOSES.
– The breeder and owner of the said puppy said that this was a result of a cleft in his top jaw.
– The puppy needed to undergo a surgery to fix the said defect.

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Jessica Wheatley had an adult dog named Willow, whom she bred and bore seven cute little puppies. One of the puppies had TWO noses, a one-of-a-kind feature indeed. This made the puppy even more adorable, resembling a Disney character, Pua.

The puppy was reasonably named after Pua and had to be nurtured through a feeding bottle every two hours since Pua can’t suckle properly due to its deformity.

As seen in this video, the two noses never stopped the owners of the puppy from caring for it, and it all the more made twice the efforts to care for Pua:

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Read the touching story here – https://www.express.co.uk.

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