Puppies 🐶 Taped In A Box and ……….. (Video)

Watch video below. A woman in Chattanooga, Tennessee drove past a Goodwill store and saw a cardboard box that was taped shut but it was moving.

She was curious what’s in the box. To her surprise when she opened the box labeled, “Stuffed Animals,” three puppies were barely surviving.

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The Puppies are scared. They are hesitant when the man touches them. That shows he experiences a lot of trauma. It is a sad reality that there are people in this world who can afford to do this horrible thing to an innocent dog.

The Puppies are placed inside the box, taped it, and threw it away. But they are lucky pups because they are now saved in the shelter.

They are hoping they can find his previous owner so that he will face the consequences he deserves to have. Share this story on Facebook!

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