Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Dog’s Photo Shoot!

Some dogs are just so naturally good looking, that a modeling career is a good option for them!

– There is a lot of pet portrait that’s going viral these days.
– Ever wonder who took these pet portraits?
– Your pets could have the same photoshoot too!

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Professional dog portrait artist, Jesse Freidin, is getting more and more famous as his work spreads through the internet social media websites like a wildfire!

Freidin has always been passionate about his work as a pet photographer, and his work reflects his enthusiasm for the art.

Recently, the latest dog portraits that he had was at a shop in Sante Fe.

During an interview, Freidin admits that he grew up with a huge fear of dogs during his early childhood days.

He eventually grew out of the fear, and in fact, started to love these furry creatures more and more with every photoshoot session.

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