Pregnant Dog Allows Rescuer To Save Her and Her Puppies! Heart Melting Story!

In a world where there are so much hatred and mistrust around, it’s heartwarming to see a video like this. We always hear stories about people abandoning their dogs in the mid of nowhere. Thank God there are people like the man in the video who goes to great lengths to save and rescue dogs. In the video, you can see the rescue story of a pregnant dog who was stuck in the bushes. She looked tired and was perhaps hungry and unable to move.

The rescuers had to cut the bushes in order to reach out to the dog. We loved the way the dog allows herself to be rescued. She is not aggressive at all even when the man lifts her up, she stays really calm. We can see in the video that her breasts are full of milk so she is about to give birth anytime.

Once in the shelter, the rescuer keeps the pregnant dog in a separate place away from the noisy dogs so that she could give birth in peace. At the end of the video, you can see the 8 beautiful puppies sucking at their momma’s breast. Such a complete family picture. We wish each of them to get a forever home soon!

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