Gang attempted to kill the pregnant dog for meat consumption!

This is a really heartbreaking story to hear, about a pregnant dog that got badly hurt by a gang.

– Mercilessly sliced with a machete, a pregnant dog barely escaped death.
– The attack to this poor, helpless, pregnant dog, was done by a gang in Thailand.
– The group attempted to kill the pregnant dog for dog meat consumption.

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The Sound of Animals is a charity organization in Thailand that aims to search and rescue abused animals from the cruel street of Thailand.

One of the many rescue missions that they had recently was that of a pregnant dog, who was so close to death after she was attacked by a gang. The pregnant dog was lucky to escape death but did so with a huge slice of a machete that cut off her ear.

Upon investigation, it was found that the cruel group was after the pregnant dog and wanted to kill her for dog meat consumption; which is a common practice in Thailand.

The Sound of Animals were quick to respond when they heard about the ordeal and was just in time to save her. Once the poor dog was taken in and cared for by the shelter, she was given the name ANGEL.

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