Pregnant Dog Abandoned By Owner Gets Rescued By 8 Angels

This awesome video has over 1,586,202 ( 1.5 Mio ) views!! They say God has his own way of doing things and sometimes he sends angels in human form. In this video, you can see a boxer dog who was abandoned by his previous owner. They just left him to die when they moved out of the houseWorse still, the dog was pregnant and needed more care during this time.

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She somehow survived the abandonment until one of the residents heard her cry in the backyard and rescued her immediately. After Java’s rescue, she was immediately taken to the local vet to ensure that her condition was stable. When they contacted the shelters in the area, none of them had a vacancy to take her in. Finally, the angels from the Nob Hill Animal Clinic took her in and made her feel safe.

When Java realized that it was safe to deliver, she went ahead and gave birth to nine beautiful puppies. As a good momma, she allowed the rescuers to touch her babies and help her. When the rescue group made sure the momma and her babies were fine, they were all taken to the Florida Boxer Rescue. According to the recent updates, all the momma and all her puppies have been adopted into loving homes.

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