3 Most Popular Dogs in Los Angeles

Dogs really are man’s best friend. We share lots of great memories with our pet dogs, like walks on the springtime or seeing the happy faces of your pets when they know it’s time to play. Another old saying goes that when you give your dog happiness, they will give that happiness back to you ten times. That’s why dogs are popular pets not just in the United States but also around the world.

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the entire United States of America. It has reigned on top of the list since 1991. Before that year, the Cocker Spaniel was the most popular dog in the US. While the Lab tops the list for the entire country, a closer look at the list of top dogs per state reveals that in some places, another dog breed tops for their own locality.

For example, in Miami, the most popular dog is the German Shepherd. The Labrador Retriever only sits at third place, behind the French Bulldog. In New York, the French Bulldog tops the list, followed by the Labrador Retriever. In San Francisco, the Labrador Retriever is only at third place, and the French Bulldog and Golden Retriever place first and second, respectively. This article will focus on the most popular dogs in Los Angeles.

The first most popular dog in Los Angeles is smart and playful…

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog looks like a tiny bulldog with bat ears. It has a large head with a wrinkled, tiny nose. Its coat is smooth and has a muscular body. French Bulldogs aren’t necessarily barkers, and they are silent but charming. Despite the fact that they aren’t as noisy as other watchdogs, they make up for it by being alert and mindful of any danger in their surroundings.

Perhaps one reason why French Bulldogs are so popular in Los Angeles is that they can easily adapt to any kind of human family, whether single, married with or without kids. They also require little exercise, which makes taking care of them ideal for people who are always busy at work, like those in big cities. They are also friendly with other pets, even the smaller ones. Indeed, French Bulldogs are really popular among the city folk.

The second most popular dog in Los Angeles is a dog that is easily recognizable…


Bulldogs are truly unique and easily familiar. No other dog breed has a combination of the following characteristics: loosehead skin, small ears, undershot jaw, and tiny pushed-in nose, among other characteristics. Bulldogs also have a shiny and short coat, with various colors and patterns. It seems as if they really like being lazy and just lying on your lap all day, but they also love their daily exercise.

Bulldogs love to have quick walks around the block. With proper diet and exercise, you can make your bulldog as fit as possible. Despite having a gloomy disposition, Bulldogs are actually quite friendly. Some Bulldogs like to make friends even with strangers, while others just stay silent when someone they don’t recognize comes along. Bulldogs are also tenacious, which means that whenever they decide to do something, it’s very hard to get them to stop doing it.

The third most popular dog in Los Angeles is the most popular in the US…

Labrador Retriever

You guessed it: the third most popular dog in Los Angeles is the Labrador Retriever. Labs are quite popular because of their intelligence and they are very easy to train as a result. If you have kids, Labs are the perfect pet dog. They really, genuinely love children and would do anything to please them. One trait that makes Labs great around kids is their patience and affection.

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They like playing with the youngest and smallest members of your family and are patient enough when the kids accidentally hit them while playing. While some dog breeds have innate health problems that lead to short lives. Labs are the opposite. Labradors can live an average of 12 years, which is a high number in the doggy kingdom. It’s also very easy to groom Labradors because they don’t shed as much as other dogs and it is easy to brush and groom them every once in a while.

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