That Poor Puppies Die On The Way To The Pet Sore?

From puppy mill to pet store, did you know the amount of TORTURE these puppies have to go through?

– A lot of criticisms are being raised against puppy mills, and how canines are being mistreated inside.
– While there are “good” puppy mills, majority of commercial breeders are GUILTY of neglect.
– Usually, the last thing that breeders want to spend on are comfortable living space for their products – the puppies.

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When puppies are born inside badly-managed puppy mills, their nightmare may have just begun. With poor living conditions, and almost a neglect of their health, these puppies must be glad to get out of the hell hole, and be sold to their new families.

But the journey from the puppy mill to the pet store is not a common story that’s told by many. However, it is a story that’s worth knowing and sharing.

The horrific travel puppies go through as they are being transported to the pet store is composed of overheated and crammed vans, with foods that barely make them full.

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