Poor Doggie Was Left Alone On The Street


In this video, you will find a message for humanity.

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It’s not a usual dog video that shows a rescue or a happy life. It’s about how indifferent we can be sometimes to the suffering of others.

In this video, you can see a poor homeless dog sitting on the street on a cold day. There’s a message displayed beside her from her owner.

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It says that the owner cannot take care of the dog and requests someone to take the responsibility.

It’s a busy street and lots of people are going by. Sadly, some of them don’t notice the dog at all while others look at the message and ignore it.

Isn’t it so sad that people don’t have a minute or two to spare and see if the dog is fine?

After several hours, an old homeless man comes by. He reads the message and gets some food and a toy for the dog.

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The man sits beside the dog, pats him and gives him food.

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