Dog Rescue – Thrown Into A Canal! His Recovery Will Shock You

dog rescue

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After watching this video, you may have mixed feelings about humanity.


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While at one hand there are Satan in the form of human. There are rescuers who save lives as angels sent on earth.


An eyewitness saw someone cruelly brutalize a dog and throw him 30 feet down a canal. When the animal rescue arrived at the spot, the poor dog was in a terrible state.


They immediately rushed him to the hospital and named him Jordan on the way. The doctors said that it was a miracle that he was still alive.


The poor dog had lost most of his hind foot so it had to be amputated. It took several days and lots of love to help Jordan get through the painful medical treatment, blood transfusions and several days in medical care.


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When Jordan finally came to the rescue shelter , he learned to make new friends and enjoy life.


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