Poor Dogs Stuck In The Sewer Get Help From Rescuers

Two adorable dogs were stuck in a sewer, nobody knows for how long. Luckily two kids heard their cry for help and called the rescuers to save them. Until the rescue team arrived at the spot, the kids who had called them stayed with the dogs. At first, the poor dogs appeared nervous and scared but they knew that they needed help.

They did not for once reject the help and co-operated with the rescuers to take them out of the dirty place. In the video, you can see the dogs already realize that they are finally safe and start wagging tails even before they reach the car. The rescuers scan the dogs to see if a microchip could be found but there is none. When they arrive at the shelter, the dogs are given food and a comfortable bed to relax.

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After a medical examination that revealed several skin issues, ticks, and fleas, the pooches are given a specially medicated bath. It took a few days for the dogs to recover completely and once they were deemed healthy fine, they were put for adoption. They were named Winne and Dixie, and the best part is that they were adopted together. Watch until the end of the video to see them enjoy their life in their forever home!

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