Why Do Dogs Turn Poop Into Food? 💩

Why Do Dogs Turn Poop Into Food?

What’s the science behind your dog’s poop-eating habits?

-Dogs generally avoid eating their own poop, but some factors may cause them to do it.
-Poop eating is actually something that happens a lot in other species of mammals.
-Some think this is something they inherited from their wolf ancestors

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It may gross you out, but apparently, the act of eating their own feces has some very plausible explanations. Scientists have decided to get to the bottom of things on this very puzzling behavior.

A survey has been conducted with thousands of dog owners interviewing those with dogs that ate poop and those that did not. Several observations and conclusions were reached from the data collected.

It turns out dogs sometimes do this as a way to prevent parasites. This is a behavior linked to adaptation they might have gotten from their close relatives, the wolves.

It also became clear that they don’t just eat any kind poop. They only prefer to consume feces that’s less than 2 days old.

Unfortunately, the study also found that this poop-eating habit is hard to change. Different methods of persuading them to leave the poop alone yielded unsuccessful results.

Find out more about this peculiar behavior at https://www.livescience.com.

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