❓ Are Police Dogs Ranked TOO???

❓ Are Police Dogs Ranked TOO???

Schools and offices usually give recognition to good performers, but are K-9 officers also ranked according to their performances?

– For three years, K-9 officer and Gypsy and Police Officer Dustin Hill have been performing great.
– Both officers have been participating in advanced narcotics detection.
– There is actually a test that can help determine the efficiency of the K-9 officer and police officer.

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The Wahpeton K-9 team has been taking the anti-narcotics movement very seriously, that they even have continuous trainings, drills, and tests to make sure that their police officers and K-9 officers remain in excellent condition, and can respond in the fastest way possible.

In fact, for three years now, they the Wahpeton K9 team always makes is a point to acknowledge the top dogs in the department.

This year, for three years now, K-9 officer Gypsy and his Police Officer Dustin Hill have been bringing home the title.

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