“Police Dogs” Who Are Not Brave Enough For Police Front Line

After the grueling training that police dogs need to go through, do you think ALL of them get to be on the field?

– Not all dogs are brave enough to work under the police canine unit.
– Being a police dog requires not just strength and skills, but also bravery.
– To face those criminals and chase after them is not an easy job to do.

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Police canine unit is a very serious and important job. That is why, not all dogs that undergo training are immediately qualified to go to the field and be an active K-9 duty dog. There is also a certain breed that can be fit to undergo the said training.

One of the most common breeds is the German Shepherd, this breed is the one we most likely see on the news or at the malls doing what police dogs should be doing.

But what happens to dogs that are NOT BRAVE enough to go on and work as a canine police officer?

They get rehomed. Yes, that’s right. Sometimes, loving and caring homes are needed to home these cute fury canines.

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Read Joe Roberts’ full article here – https://metro.co.uk.

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