Police Dog Gets Treated Badly… This IS NOT For The Weak Heart!

Law enforcement is never an easy task, even more so wfor canine (K9) units.

– Canine (K9) police officers are one of the most useful units in any Police department.
– Many police officers rely on their canine (K9) partners whenever they are on duty and on a mission.
– It is a risky job indeed, and not ALL DOGS are fit for the job.

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A robbery took place in Hayes, West London. The Metropolitan Police department was quick to respond, to help the victim of the crime that was on progress.

The suspect, a 28-year-old man, was resisting arrest and it turned out that the said suspect added animal abuse to the list of crime that he is guilty of.

The canine (K9) unit was reportedly punched multiple times by the perpetrator while resisting the arrest. Thus, resulting in a total of three charges: robbery, resisting arrest, and animal abuse.

It was indeed a sad event, when the canine (K9) officer got hurt, but it was also a successful arrest in the end. The Metropolitan Police department gives all their credit to the heroic cat of their dog on duty.

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Read Samuel Osborne’s full article here – https://www.independent.co.uk.

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