Pit Bull Puppy To Be PUT DOWN!!! Find Out Why!!!

A pitbull puppy was claimed to be a “menace” in its neighborhood, and after the trial was decided to be put down.

– A five-week-old pitbull puppy is now awaiting to be put down.
– The decision was final, according to the Rotorua Lakes Council, amidst all the protests.
– There were many alternatives presented, like rehoming the puppy, but the Council’s verdict was irrevocable until this moment.

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With no harm done, a five-week-old puppy is scheduled to be put down, simply because of its breed.

How sad, right?

Considered to be a breed that can cause nothing but trouble, this young puppy’s fate have already been sealed by the Rotorua Lakes Council.

Many people have offered to accept the dog in their own homes, but the Rotorua Lakes Council does not consider rehoming as an option.

Many animal activists have taken the protests online, and they have attempted to change the minds of the Rotorua Lakes Council’ but their efforts are failing so far.

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Read Kelly Makiha’s full report here – https://www.nzherald.co.nz.

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