Superhero In A Form Of A Pit Bull!!! 🐕

A pit bull named Sasha was given credit by her owner, for saving them from a house fire.

– The owner of the pit bull, Latana Chai, said that her pitbull Sasha woke them up in the middle of the night.
– It was around midnight when Chai heard Sasha banging at the backdoor of their house.
– Aside from banging the door, Sasha also unceasingly gave a loud bark, enough to wake her sleeping owners.

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While her owners, a mother and a baby, were fast asleep inside their house in Stockton, California, family pet Sasha (a pit bull) was making so much noise through banging the backdoor and nonstop barking.

This did not fail from waking up Katana Chai at around midnight. When Chai woke up to the noise created by her dog, she went her way to see what it wanted at that unusual hour.

When Chai opened the door, she was shocked to see that there was a huge fire eating their neighbor’s house, and theirs was next since they were living in a fourplex.

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