PitBull’s Saved From Dog Fighting

pit bull rescued

Why has the stunning video over 1.9M views? Watch this adorable Pit Bull who wags her tail so hard no matter what! It’s difficult to guess that she had a sad past. She was saved from her last dog owners who had a dogfighting squad and suffered several injuries including losing one of her ears.😥

Rebekah writes in the video comments: “OMG THIS DOGGO IS SO CUTE😍😍😍”

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Despite her miserable health condition, the Pitbull displayed an exemplary desire to live and conquer all. She won everyone’s heart with her kind behavior and won a dog adoption pretty fast. A couple soon fell in love with her and brought her home with the hope to bring about a difference in her life. In her new loving home, everything was new for the poor dog.

She had probably never seen a chair, a bed, a sofa, or a toy before. She was also scared of sound and several otherwise normal things. Her human parents knew they had to work hard to help her come out of her shell.

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As days passed by, love and care healed her soul and she became less afraid of things. If you see her today, you can hardly recognize that she is the same dog who was so afraid to face life. She loves wagging her tail frantically, dressing up in funny costumes and getting belly rubs from everyone. Her eyes have an expression of gratitude which is so heart touching.

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